15 - 19 September 2010


Arriving in the parking lot of the Bristol Holiday Inn we were waited by .. Bristols, Bristols, Bristols .. as far as the eye could catch .. any model, colour and all ( in the process of being) washed and polished The Owners take care of their babies !

Some of our friends were already dressed up in formal attire for the evening party, but could not resist posing by their favourite cars

But then we all moved to the Bristol Mansion House for the formal BAC 100 celebrations !

The party was well arranged, we had good fun with the balloons, some of which stayed longer up in the air than the Boxkite ever did and we had a very nice and informative speech by Sir George White, covering the history of BAC and the emergence of the Bristol Cars production facility, initiated by his father Sir Stanley, continued by himself and Anthony Crook and now in the capable hands of Toby Silverton. 







Having had a big hand, initiating and organising the Bristols-to-Bristol Run made me very proud of the outcome, but without the input and the additional work of the BOC Committee and other Club Officials


 the enthusiasm and spirit of the the Bristol car owners, we would not have arrived at making this event as successful !.

Returning to the hotel by midnight gave us another opportunity to view our beloved possessions by moonlight.

And what a breathtaking sight it was !



The next day, the 2010 BOC Concours at Filton Airfield.