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In 2010 the Bristol Aeroplane Company Ltd. (BAC) celebrated its centenary, marking 100 years of innovation, risk taking and adventure. An important chapter of the developments in Filton has been the emergence of a production facility for luxury cars in the aftermath of the Second World War. Initially set up as a division within BAC in 1946, Bristol Cars Limited, now a privately owned company, has been and is a manufacturer of exclusive luxury transport for individuals. The company's website gives ample information on its existing production programme, while the history of the company can be read at the website of the Bristol Owners' Club, the global association for Bristol car owners and aficionados.

The Centenary celebrations of BAC in Bristol included a festive event and dinner for Bristol car owners and enthusiasts on September 17, 2010 in Bristol. The next day, Saturday September 18, 2010, the celebrations were followed by the yearly Bristol Owners' Club Concours at Filton Airfield, which coincided with the Airbus Family Day. The latter opened up the opportunity for all present at Filton Airfield to visit premises and attend a spectacular airshow of old Bristol Aeroplanes and new products of Airbus, like the A380. The 2010 BOC Concours attracted over 160 owners to show up with their Bristol car. An unprecedented number ....!

On Sunday, September 19, 2010, the BOC continued to celebrate and arranged a special entry at the Goodwood Revival Festival, allowing the owners of Bristol cars to use an exclusive area in the pre-70-ties parking and enjoy the Goodwood event at its best. 

In the run-up to these events the Continental Section of BOC organised the Bristols-to-Bristol Run; Bristol cars from all over Europe met at the ports on the Continent to cross over the the Bristish Isles. Rendez-vous arrangements were made in Santander, Bilbao, Cherbourg, Calais, Ostende, Hoek-van-Holland and Esbjerg; however, due to its central position on the Continental coastline, the main event started on September 16, 2010 near Calais where both the Chunnel and ferry are available. This ultimate event brought about an unprecedented move of Bristol cars: 35 cars from all over Europe travelled back to the UK; several of these cars had not been back for decades; some even never after their initial sale as a new car. In the UK they were joined by another 70 cars, all of them aiming to reach the City of Bristol to celebrate the great occasion : BAC 100 ! 

With at least one car from each model produced participating,

we claim that it has been the ultimate Bristol car exhibit





BOC's Secretary for Continental Europe ( ) was the focal point of the organisers for this event and remains available for all Bristol car owners and enthusiast anywhere in the world for information on the marque and future activities.. 

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